Building a Relationship With God & the Holy Spirit Through Prayer

The power of prayer is limitless; there’s so much power when we pray. Prayer is a spiritual exercise, and when we pray, we don’t just communicate with our Father, but we become a carrier of God’s atmosphere and presence.

The purpose of this blog post is to inspire you to build your relationship with God through prayer; you have probably had challenges concerning your relationship with God. 

And I am here to give you solutions tips that will help you grow closer to God through prayer and have that beautiful experience you have always desired with the holy Spirit.

Importance of Building a Relationship With God

Building a relationship with God is the most beautiful thing ever. Spending time, communicating, and interacting with divinity is a priceless gift that we have in Christ and God.

Here is the importance of building a relationship with God.

  • Life Becomes Meaniful: Knowing Jesus and investing in that relationship makes your life beautiful. The more we spend time learning about him and interacting, the more he gives us his desires and a purpose to live for.
  • Direction: God has a way of leading and directing us as his children. God is your creator, and he knows all about you. He made you, and he has a plan for your life; he knows everything about you. The more we walk with God, the more he leads us through the challenges and hurdles of life.
  • Relieves you of Burden and Worry: Jesus made it clear in the scriptures that we should come to him, all of you who are heavy burdens. When you go to him with your heart, he relieves you of all the worry and limitations you have.
  • Intimacy: God is a relational supreme being; he made you for a relationship, and he wants to interact with you. Intimacy is deep; it’s simply experiencing God through Jesus. It’s having a deep relationship or affair or bond with God. It’s all about sharing the life of Jesus and walking in it’s realities.

Understanding Prayer as a Pathway to God

Do you desire to connect with God? 

Do you want to grow closer to God?

Then, it’s through prayer. To access God, prayer is a pathway that can get you there.

When you constantly and consistently pray daily, you are not only building yourself, but you also receive from God.

It’s a pathway that can lead you to Unlimited possibilities, divine supplies, and blessings in life.

Definition of Prayer

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Prayer is simply fellowship and connecting with God.

Prayer is a portal or a means to access divinity or God. It is a medium of communication Christians use to communicate with God on a personal level.

When we pray, great things happen. It’s unexplainable, but when we spend time and connect with a higher being, burdens are lifted, challenges are overcome, strength is given, hope is restored, answers are birthed, and many more happen when we get connected with the owner of life and interact with our Father.

Prayer changes and transforms you when you pray; it not only builds you but makes you extraordinary.

Different Forms of Prayer

There are other ways or forms to pray, and they include:

  • Supplication and Petition
  • Prayer of Thanksgiving
  • Worship and Adoration
  • Intercessory Prayer

Supplication and Petition

Supplication is simply making your request known to God. It is a form of prayer in which a person asks for specific blessings, guidance, or help in times of need or gratitude.

The petition is also the same thing, a request.

In the book of John, we get to see what God expects us to ask in accordance with his will.

What that means is that whenever we request in accordance with God’s will (God’s word), we know and believe that the prayer made will be answered.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

A prayer of thanksgiving is a type of prayer in which individuals express gratitude and appreciation to our creator. This is simply thanking God or giving God all the thanks.

How do you feel when you do something for someone, and the person appreciates you by saying ‘Thank you.

Good right?

That’s exactly how God feels when you thank him in advance for a request made in accordance with his will.

That’s also a demonstration of faith; you thank him in advance because it’s already done.

Worship and Adoration

There is no one way to pray, but different ways- worship and adoration are worshipping God with your heart in prayer. 

This type of prayer is focused on acknowledging the greatness, holiness, and attributes of God.

You adore him because of who he is and what you know about him.

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory prayer is a form of prayer in which a person prays on behalf of others, making requests and petitions to God. Intercession is praying on behalf of others.

This is a kind of prayer that pleases God, and others are helped through prayer when we pray for them.

Benefits of Prayer

The following are the benefits of praying as a Christian;

  1. Prayer helps us to walk in God’s will. When you pray to God, he makes it possible for us to walk in his will. You might have plans and dreams, and it’s beautiful to have those. But Praying has a way of directing your life.
  2. Prayer builds and transforms you. Consistently praying and fellowship with God creates and changes you. Through prayer, God gives you his kind of heart and helps you to love and remove things you might be struggling with, e.g., bad habits or something you want him to deal with.
  3. Prayer makes you extraordinary. Have you wondered why Jesus would go to mountains and lonely places to pray? After spending time with the Father, he starts healing people and doing extraordinary things.
    • He does what normal people can’t do. 
    • He does amazing things, and the people are greatly surprised.
    • This is because he has prayed. He has spent time Praying and is able to do the kind of things he did.
  4. Prayer helps you overcome challenges in life. Challenges are part of life, and they can happen, but spending time with God in place of worship gives us the strength to overcome challenges that might come our way.

How to Build a Relationship With God Through Prayer

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Allocate a Time to Your Daily Prayers

Could it be that you are not consistent in your prayer life because you have yet to allocate a specific time to it?

There is no system or schedule set aside to pray and communicate with the holy Spirit. Could that be why

Putting out a particular time for your prayers reminds you of what should be done, and when it reaches that time, it starts to prompt you.

So now you know what to do: allocate time and use an alarm system to remind you of your prayer time.

Pray with Devotionals

Daily devotionals act as a guide, and after reading each message for the day, pray the prayer on the devotional or pray with the bible scriptures on it.

Reading and praying with the devotionals helps you groom and develop your relationship with God.

Join Praying Communities

When you pray with other believers or join prayer communities, they help you pray, and many results are achieved.

Sometimes, you don’t want to pray, but when you see other believers praying, it rubs off on you, and you start desiring to pray.

Have a Prayer Partner

Do you have a prayer Partner? Having one helps you to pray.

When you pray with a partner, a spiritual energy or connection is formed.

Your faith and spiritual stamina are also built.

Overcoming Common Challenges in Prayer

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I Don’t Feel Like Praying

I want you to understand that you are not led by feelings but by the Spirit of God. Emotions are there, but they are not always right.

That you don’t feel like Praying doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray.

Prayer is vital to your spiritual growth and maturity. Therefore, you must go beyond feelings to do what is right by spending time with your Father. 

Overcoming Distractions

Unfocused: Is your mind all over the place when you pray? To overcome this, you must learn to focus.

Assuming you are speaking in tongues, one of the things to do here is to Focus on speaking in tongues despite the distraction.

At a point, when you focus on doing that, Your mind will become quiet. That’s when your Spirit has influenced your mind.

But if you are not speaking in tongues, try meditating on God’s word or play a worship song and listen to the lyrics.

This helps your mind to be at ease.

Dealing with Fear

Fear: Do you fear that your prayer will not be answered?

Or you may have prayed, and you are not sure your prayer will be answered.

Without faith, we can’t please God or receive anything from him. Don’t let fear stop you; instead, let faith lead.

Believe with all your heart that your prayer is answered.

Learn How to Pray

I need to figure out how or what to pray.

You learn how to pray by Praying. Just start and pray.

Just talk to God and communicate. Or pray with the Word of God.

I don’t know what to pray.

When it comes to what to pray, the Holy Spirit in you directs and leads you on what to pray.

If you speak in tongues, start praying in tongues. That’s prayer. Most times, we do not know what to pray for, but the holy Spirit helps us here.

Pray with the word of God: If you don’t know what to pray, start praying with the word of God; it’s the will of God, so you are praying the right kind of prayer.

Prayer Points for Intimacy With God (With Scriptures)

Woman praying
  1. Lord, help me to know you – John 17:3
  2. Lord, help me to please you and help my faith too – Hebrews 11:6
  3. Lord Jesus, you are my source. Please help me to always remain in you – John 15:5
  4. Lord Jesus, through your grace, help me always to stay close – James 4:8
  5. The word of God leads and directs my heart – Psalms 119:105
  6. Lord Jesus, I choose to let your word dwell and fill my heart – Colossians 3:16

Books on Building Relationships with God Through Prayer

  • Treasures of the Secret Place by Joy Ogbonnaya
  • Prayer Secrets by Kenneth Haggin.
  • The art of prayer by Kenneth Haggin
  • Growing Up Spiritually by Kenneth Haggin.


Experiencing a beautiful relationship with God is possible through prayer; it might not be easy at first, but it’s possible.

And I encourage you to spend that time with him in prayer; with time, you will get used to it, and you will see growth when you commit to it.

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