Cross Over Sermon by Bishop David Oyedepo

Dominion is not our ambition but our birthright in redemption and heritage. We having dominion is the truth of redemption concerning us. Our steps in the new year shall be dominion steps. If you are redeemed, you’re Abraham seed. What you cannot see, you can never possess. Light is our access to every provision in his kingdom. We need the truth of dominion to access it. 

The end-time church is a church ordained for dominion ruling amid the enemy. Jesus will not return until the church is practically in dominion. Every prophetic word demands your engagement within for it to come to pass. Locating what needs to be done and doing it commits God’s integrity to confirm it. 

If you want to dominate, then you must be interested in servanthood. You must serve God to be a candidate for dominion. One cardinal demand for dominion is tireless stewardship. You don’t pray to dominion; you serve your way into levels of dominion. 

Kingdom stewardship is a platform for serving God. Serving God is an open platform for every believer. There is no restriction, it is simply a matter of choice. Jesus is the symbol of eternal blessings. Serving God in truth and deed entitles believers to work in the realm. Servanthood is the foundation of dominion. 

Everyone truly serving God has access to dominion. To make the most of our stewardship, we must engage the force of continuity. We must engage the force of endurance. “At the end, it shall speak”. It is about enduring the mockery of men who are going nowhere.

We also need the force of steadfastness. We cannot continue in stewardship without his help and grace at work in our lives. Commitment to serving God is the fundamental requirement for our dominion here on earth. 




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