How to Hear God’s Voice When Making A Decision

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How to hear God’s voice when making a decision is fundamental for every Christian. God has always sought to have a personal fellowship with humanity. A kind of relationship where individuals hear from God. God desires that we hear his voice. He wants to get involved in every aspect of our lives. In John 10:25-29, … Read more

Understanding The Meaning and Importance of Salvation in Christianity

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Understanding the meaning and the importance of salvation in Christianity is the key to an eternal inheritance in Christ. Salvation means to be born again and filled with the holy spirit. Salvation is experiencing a new birth in Christ Jesus. Being born again is a conscious attempt to live according to the ordinances of the … Read more

How to Access Divine Guidance and Benefits of God’s Direction

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How to access divine guidance and the benefits of god’s will is a popular question for Christians. Many times, believers make life decisions without seeking the will of God. Knowing god’s plan and purpose for your life gives you access to walking in spiritual authority. Staying on the right path with God guarantees your success … Read more

The Importance and Types of Soul Winning 2024

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The importance and types of soul winning is a crucial topic of bible study discussion. This post contains a bible exposition on Jesus’ pattern of soul winning. Soul winning and evangelism is the act of preaching the gospel of Christ to unbelievers. To people who have not yet given their lives to Christ. According to … Read more

Requirements and Hindrances to Divine Settlement

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Meeting the requirements and overcoming the hindrances to divine settlement is necessary. Life is all about jumping from one difficulty to another problem. It is an unavoidable experience for Christians to encounter tough times. Some situations may break you. You feel like giving up is the best option. Being a Christian does not exempt you … Read more