The Importance and Types of Soul Winning

The importance and types of soul winning is a crucial topic of bible study discussion. This post contains a bible exposition on Jesus’ pattern of soul winning.

Soul winning and evangelism is the act of preaching the gospel of Christ to unbelievers. To people who have not yet given their lives to Christ.

According to the scripture in Matthew 28:19, soul winning means teaching the word of God to people around you. It implies sharing your experience of salvation with unbelievers.

A soul winner is a Christian who has the habit of sharing the gospel. Teaching people who are not yet born again.

A soul-winner’s life impacts people with God’s love and word. If you intend to be a Christian influencer, your day-to-day activities must reflect Christ.

Soul winning is important because it is the heartbeat of God. The scripture records in Luke 15:10 that heaven erupts with joy when a sinner repents. That is to show how significant soul winning is to God.

Christians who love God must abide by the scriptural art of soul-winning. It is a hidden treasure of the kingdom.

You have to know that evangelism is an expression of the love of God. It is a commandment to give your knowledge of the scripture to unbelievers. Sharing your experience of salvation is a practical step to soul winning.

Jesus Pattern of Soul-Winning

Jesus’ pattern of soul-winning is the standard for evangelism. The style of Jesus toward evangelism is quite remarkable.

In John 4:34, Jesus rejected a meal from his disciple as a soul winner. His response to them was that his passion was to do the work of God.

The father’s will is to save you from the bondage of sin. Our Lord Jesus Christ had an undeniable passion for soul winning.

The Importance of Soul Winning

You are a Christian because somebody preached to you. It would be unfair if you do not reciprocate the act of kindness. Your duty as a Christian is to shine your light on the darkness around you.

The word of God is the greatest gift that you can offer as a Christian.

The revelation of the salvation of the Christian faith is through evangelism.

There is no automation in knowing the word of God. An unbeliever needs to hear the message of salvation from you. It is the opportunity they have to walk according to the commands of God.

Salvation gives love to those in pain.

The scripture affirms in Titus 1:1-3 that the word of God manifests through preaching. It is only through evangelism that people get to know the will of God.

The good news remains hidden until you share the word with unbelievers.

Qualifications of A Soul Winner

Here are some requirements for a soul winner include;

Living by the Scripture (1 Corinthians 9:14)

The first rule of life states that you can only give to people what is inside of you. If you must win your soul for Christ, the salvation of God has to, first of all, win you over.

It is an act of hypocrisy to preach the word of God and not live by the tenets of the scripture.

The impression you make when you go out to preach the gospel is not your eloquent quoting of the scripture. The receivers of your message will always run an assessment on you. It may start from your physical appearance or manner of approach.

In your community, people already know who you are. They would not listen to you when they know you are not what you preach – plain hypocrisy.

Your life must be the scripture that people read on the go.

Passion for Evangelism

The reason evangelism is dying today is that many Christians do not have the zeal to win souls. The devotion to spreading the word of God should be the characteristic of a soul-winner.

By the scripture in Psalm 119:9-13. Christians must make personal preparation for soul winning.

Jesus has given you the command to preach the gospel. Spread the word of God on your campus, office, community, and wherever you find yourself.

Passion for the lost souls is the qualification of a soul winner.

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Characteristics of A Soul Winner

1. Godly Character (1 Timothy 3:1-13)

Possessing a God-fearing character is a necessary attribute of a soul-winner. To win a soul over to God, you must live a holy and righteous life. Your lifestyle influences evangelism.

Check yourself for any negative turnoffs for unbelievers.

An ungodly lifestyle destroys the potency of your salvation message.

2. Prayerfulness (1 Thessalonian 5:17, Ephesians 6:18)

Consistent prayer life is a necessary characteristic of a soul-winner. You must develop a rapport with God through a prayer channel.

To succeed at Christian teaching, you must seek the holy spirit’s help.

It is one thing to preach the word of God; it is another thing for your utterance to impact the lives of non-Christians. Your bible teachings can only be fruitful when you have the help of the holy spirit.

Also, prayer is a necessary tool for getting divine direction in evangelism. It gives you moderation of how to evangelize. Without prayer, you would not be successful in teaching.

3. Teachable and Submissive (John 5:19, 8:26, Romans 8:14)

Humility is a virtue of every soul winner. The scripture in John 5:19 confirms that you need God’s help to succeed at Christian teaching. Submitting yourself to biblical nurturing.

The Bible is the manual for potential soul winners. It is necessary to study the word of God to be a soul winner.

4. Healthy Christian Family (1 Peter 3:7, Ephesians 5:25-33)

The love and care in your family play a role in determining your success as a soul winner. Preaching compels people to come to Christ and be like you in many areas.

Unbelievers, check to see if your family is in order. The love of Christ needs to start from your family before spreading to the people around you.

5. Sanctification and Holiness (1 Thessalonian 4:3-7)

As I already stated in the qualifications of a soul winner. Abstinence from sin is mandatory for an evangelist. The sanctification of your soul is a prerequisite to being a vessel of honor.

The scripture in 2 Timothy 2:2 says that you must be Christ-like to be able to teach others how to be like Christ.

6. Tame your Tongue (Ephesians 4:29, Colossians 4:6)

The utterance of every believer must bring honor to God. Filthy words should never proceed out of your mouth. Learn how to speak with grace.

Nobody takes you seriously as a soul winner if your speech is not following the scripture. Pray to God for the grace to bridle your tongue.

Your words should be a source of hope to those around you.

Types of Soul Winning

Campus Evangelism

Campus evangelism is a soul-winning technique for students in College. It is a way Christian teenager or youth influence their classmates with the word of God.

The technique is most effective when you distinguish yourself from other students.

Living Christ-like is necessary for campus evangelism. Your lifestyle does more of the teaching than your spoken words.

Work Place Evangelism

Workplace evangelism means to preach the word of God in your place of work. Evangelism penetrates every area of a Christian as well as your career.

Like campus evangelism, your character is the theme of your message of salvation. Your colleagues would already know if you are a Christian.

Of course, they would ignore you when they know you are involved in shady deals and politics in the office.

Eventually, your speech and public relationship play an important role in workplace evangelism. Thrive to influence people around you with the word of God through Godly lifestyles.

Christian Outreach Programs

Organizing Christian outreach programs is necessary for spreading the good news of Christ. These outreach programs involve visiting orphanage homes, prisons, elderly homes, e.t.c. The church must be able to share the love with the less privileged in need of support.

Also, on a personal level, show love to people around you. It might be negligible as celebrating your birthday in an orphanage home. It is an effective way to share the love of Christ.

Community Evangelism

Community evangelism is a common type of evangelism adopted by many Christian. It involves you preaching the word of God in your local community.

In community evangelism, your means of approach must have the holy spirit’s directive.

Usually, people are hesitant to give their attention to hearing the word of God in public places.

It is then necessary to put in place the right strategy to get people’s undivided attention. Preach in a relatable way. You don’t have to put up a formal persona. There is usually a natural repulsion for strangers.

Individuals are more likely to listen to people to who they can relate in character. Always remember to smile.

Internet Evangelism

We are now in the era of the internet-of-things. Everything is online. Internet evangelism is also an effective soul-winning strategy.

Your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed is a great medium to preach the gospel of Christ.

Creating a Faith blog also counts as a way to share the message of Christ.

Practical Steps to Soul Winning

  1. Develop a passion for soul winning.
  2. Study to get a versed knowledge of the word of God.
  3. Pray for the help of the holy spirit.
  4. Model your lifestyle according to the scripture.
  5. Show love to the people around you.
  6. Go out to preach the gospel to win souls.

Strategies for Effective Follow Up

Follow-up is a strategic plan to ensure new converts grow strong in Christ. It is the process of checking up on new converts. To ensure that baby Christians remain in the Christian faith.

A new convert experiences a spark in his heart after surrendering to God. The passion may diminish if an effective follow-up strategy is not employed.

Follow-up is extra work that solidifies the efforts of a soul winner.

The church must follow up with new converts.

The strategy entails communication with new believers.

Follow is a demonstration of Christian love and affection.

Follow-up pertains to new converts, while visitation applies to everybody.

Biblical Benefits of Soul Winning

Blessings of Discipleship

Blessings of discipleship are a benefit for becoming a soul winner. As you know, preaching the gospel is the will of God. When you abide by this instruction of the scripture, the Lord blesses you beyond measure.

New Converts Become Helpers

Unbelievers you preach to may become a helper in the future. Aside from becoming a spiritual mentor, the individual may play a crucial role in securing your promotion.

Divine Provision

Teaching the word of God attracts settlement. God will ensure you don’t experience difficulties in your life. He will give you the grace to overcome tough times.

Overcoming Hindrances to Evangelism

Why Christians do not preach the word of God may be a result of the following reasons;

The Convenience Factor (2 Timothy 4:2)

Many Christians do not preach the word of God because they cannot create a convenient time. A lot of people are overwhelmed with their jobs. They find it inconvenient to make out time to engage in evangelism.

The scripture in 2 Timothy 4:2 encourages believers to preach the word despite preoccupations.

Irrespective of your busy schedule, you can share the word of God through your social media accounts.

Lack of Zeal

When you don’t have the zeal of Christ inside you, there will be no point in evangelizing. The passion for lost souls can propel you to preach the gospel.

There is honor in preaching the word of God.

The Love Factor

The act of soul winning is the demonstration of God’s love. Without the father’s love, you would be unable to save souls.

According to Isaiah 61:1, the anointing to preach is already inside you.

Lack of enthusiasm hinders you from propagating the gospel. Pray for the grace of God to love evangelism.

Religious and Social Barrier

Your current place of settlement may serve as a hindrance to preaching the word of God. You may find yourself in an environment hostile to Christianity.

What you have to do is to start small. Make efforts to familiarize yourself with the people in your local environment. Little by little, you will draw people to the fold of Christ.

  • Becoming a Contagious Christian by Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg
  • Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God by J. I. Packer
  • The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman
  • Concentric Circles of Concern by Carolyn B Thompson, Oscar W. Thompson Jr., and W. Oscar Thompson

Prayer Points for Soul Winning

The importance of prayer in soul-winning gives you the ability to preach the word of God. Soul winning is warfare for every believer.

  1. Father, give me the passion for soul winning.
  2. Lord, make me an influencer of the gospel.
  3. I pray for the grace to model my lifestyle according to the scripture.
  4. God, please take away every hindrance of evangelism from my life.
  5. Holy Spirit, empower me with your confidence. Give me utterance to preach the word of God.
  6. Lord, I need the enablement to study and understand your word.

Your Turn

I would love to hear from you in the comment box.

  • What challenges do you encounter as a soul winner?
  • Have you experienced any blessings of soul winning? What are they?
  • What are your challenges of soul winning?

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      I love that you say the supposed scary task benefits us in the long run.

      • Thank you Blessing for this great series, from receiving God’s blessing of divine settlement, to sharing the gospel with the lost and then discipling them as new believers! This is the heart of the love of God. Keep sharing.

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  7. Thank you Blessing for this great series, from receiving God’s blessing of divine settlement, to sharing the gospel with the lost and then discipling them as new believers! This is the heart of the love of God. Keep sharing.

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