5 Best Christian Healthcare Ministries Insurance Plans 2024

Many seek an alternative to conventional health insurance as healthcare expenses keep increasing.

Christian Healthcare Ministries is becoming an increasingly popular choice for cost-effective healthcare.

These ministries take a different approach to health care, letting members with similar beliefs share their medical costs.

This gives people a cheap way to get health care and builds community and support. This article will examine some of the best Christian healthcare ministries and their benefits.

If you are looking for a low-cost healthcare option or want to be a part of a supportive community, these healthcare ministry ministries may be the answer.

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Christian Healthcare Ministries

Christian Health Ministries is a non-profit organization that provides financial aid for qualified medical bills to Christians globally.

It works by having people join, and each member pays a monthly share matched by the eligible medical bills of other members.

The ministry then examines the member’s qualified medical bills and decides on the shareable amount, usually paid by check.

Christian Health Ministries is less expensive than traditional health insurance and meets the spiritual needs of its members.

However, it’s crucial to note that they do not cover specific medical conditions, including abortion, issues arising from an unbiblical lifestyle, marijuana, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and sex changes.

Best Christian Healthcare Ministries

Finding a healthcare solution that fits your needs and values can be challenging with so many options.

Identifying the most appropriate Christian healthcare ministry to meet your needs is crucial, whether you seek a cost-effective alternative or aspire to join a community that shares your beliefs.

Therefore, thorough research and evaluating critical elements are vital before selecting.

To aid in this process, we have compiled a list of the best Christian healthcare ministries to consider, considering factors such as membership requirements, coverage options, and costs.

  1. Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM)
  2. Medi-Share
  3. Liberty HealthShare
  4. Altrua HealthShare
  5. Samaritan Ministries

1. Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM)

Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) has been a trusted healthcare ministry for over 40 years. They offer Christians with different health problems affordable and accountable solutions.

CHM is unique because of its faith-based approach, which allows members to find comfort and support from a community that shares their beliefs.

Moreover, the organization is federally certified, which exempts it from the individual mandate in the U.S. Affordable Care Act, making it an excellent option for individuals and families who seek a reliable and cost-effective alternative to the national healthcare law.

Joining the CHM ministry is an option for Christians and non-Christians and requires no doctrinal statement of faith. The application process can be done quickly online or through the mail.

With three program options, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and the Brother’s Keeper program for medical expenses over $125,000, program costs are the same for everyone, regardless of medical history, without medical tests.

While members are responsible for negotiating their medical bills, the benefits of joining CHM include a comprehensive maternity program and the freedom to choose one’s, healthcare provider.

Moreover, CHM’s BBB-accredited charity status can provide additional assurance for members.

In summary, for Christians seeking an affordable healthcare solution, CHM is a viable option.

However, members must be prepared to negotiate and seek discounts for their medical bills.

2. Medi-Share

Christian Care Ministry established Medi-Share in 1993 under the visionary leadership of John Reinhold.

This unique ministry to share health care costs is made for Christian families and individuals looking for an alternative to traditional health insurance.

At the core of Medi-Share is the idea of members pooling their resources to cover each other’s medical expenses while adhering to a biblically-based statement of faith.

This powerful statement of faith includes a commitment to salvation through faith in Christ, a belief in Christ’s divinity, and His death, burial, and resurrection.

This commitment sets Medi-Share apart from other healthcare cost-sharing options and resonates with those who share Christian values.

The process of using Medi-Share is easy. Members can choose a network provider and show their ID card in a medical emergency.

Bills are sent to Medi-Share, which looks for discounts and matches them with similar ones. The program is open to individuals of all ages, except those 65 and older, who must join the Senior Assist program.

Medi-Share is affordable, with members reporting an average monthly savings of $380 and a monthly fee as low as $30.

Members can pick from several options for their Annual Household Portion (AHP), which range from $500 to $10,000.

Medi-Share gives you access to telehealth, coverage for in-person doctor visits and hospital stays, and discounted rates for millions of PPO providers.

The program encourages prayer and relationship-building among members, upholding biblical values.

Medi-Share is a popular health insurance alternative for Christian individuals and families seeking an affordable option with an A+ BBB rating, ACA compliance, and no cap on the amount that can be shared.

3. Liberty HealthShare

Dale Bellis founded Liberty HealthShare, a healthcare ministry, in 2012.

Its main goal is to help families and individuals lower their healthcare costs through low monthly share amounts, discounts on medical care and prescription drugs, and an annual unshared amount (AUA) that acts as a deductible.

Unlike other Christian healthcare alternatives, such as Medi-Share, Liberty HealthShare has a unique feature.

It does not demand that members adhere to a specific biblical statement of faith. As long as they accept its Statement of Shared Beliefs, individuals of all religions are welcome to join.

The process of sharing medical bills between members of Liberty HealthShare is a simple one. The monthly share amount of a member is matched with another member’s medical bills, which are then checked for discounts and eligibility.

With a range of plans to choose from, starting at $100 per month, members can select a suggested share amount based on their age and family status.

The projects cover primary, and specialty care visits; thousands of providers are part of the network.

With affordable monthly prices, medical and pharmacy discount services, and an annual unshared amount that is relatively affordable, Liberty HealthShare is a good option for individuals and families looking to save on healthcare costs.

But some people might not like that there isn’t a specific biblical statement of faith, which can be a downside for those who put a high value on this part of their healthcare options.

4. Altrua HealthShare

Altrua HealthShare, a healthcare-sharing ministry that started in 2000, is built on faith and biblical principles.

Altrua differs from other healthcare ministries because they don’t require their members to agree with a specific statement of faith to participate in their program.

This means anyone can access their services, regardless of their religious background or affiliation.

Furthermore, members can select a healthcare provider without ministerial approval or oversight.

The Altrua HealthShare program is about giving people options for health care that fit their spiritual values and beliefs.

Altrua HealthShare operates on a simple principle. Members pay a monthly contribution and choose a healthcare provider using their ID card when they need medical attention.

Their medical needs are then shared under Altrua HealthShare’s guidelines. The plans are available for different monthly contribution amounts and offer discounts for various healthcare services, including dental, vision, and prescription medicine.

Altrua HealthShare provides limited doctor visits, with additional visits being paid for by the member.

The company is part of the MultiPlan network, giving members access to millions of nationwide healthcare providers.

While the process is simple, and members can choose their healthcare providers, it’s important to note that Altrua HealthShare is not insurance and does not cover all medical expenses.

Members are also responsible for paying up to a certain unshared amount for their medical costs, which can be higher than a traditional insurance deductible.

5. Samaritan Ministries

In 1994, a visionary named Ted Pittenger started Samaritan, an innovative healthcare cost-sharing ministry that offers a refreshing alternative to traditional health insurance.

As a non-profit entity that upholds biblical values, Samaritan Ministries assists its members in defraying the cost of medical bills.

The ministry operates on the principle of shared responsibility, where each member supports one another in meeting their medical needs.

Samaritan Ministries operates differently from traditional health insurance. In the event of a medical need, members cover the costs of their medical expenses up to their initial unshareable amount.

After the bill is sent to Samaritan Ministries, the ministry explains why the money was spent in its monthly newsletter. Members who voluntarily do so will send their shares directly to the needy member.

There are two plans: Samaritan Basic and Samaritan Classic. The monthly costs range from $100 to $495, depending on the plan, the household size, the age of the people in it, and their relationship status.

Labs and pharmacies offer discounts through the ministry, and members are automatically enrolled in EnvisionRX, a program for prescription drugs.

Members can visit any healthcare provider without network restrictions.

Samaritan Ministries doesn’t pay for minor medical bills but can help pay for more serious and expensive health problems.

Members who share the same biblical values can rest easy knowing that other people in their community are helping to pay for their medical bills.

However, there is no coverage for routine doctor visits or preventive care.

Therefore, those who seek an affordable healthcare cost-sharing option and are comfortable with the ministry’s self-pay approach may find Samaritan Ministries a worthy alternative to traditional health insurance.


To sum up, several healthcare ministries are designed for Christians who prefer a faith-based approach to healthcare.

Each church has its own cost, requirements for who can join, and limits on what it can cover.

On the whole, Christian Healthcare Ministries, Medi-Share, and Samaritan Ministries emerge as the leading choices for individuals seeking reasonably priced healthcare alternatives that conform to their religious beliefs.

These healthcare groups offer economical monthly premiums, maintain biblical values and faith declarations, advocate prayer and fellowship among members, boast superior BBB ratings, and provide markdowns on medical bills.

In the end, the decision of which Christian healthcare ministry to become a part of is contingent upon the specific situation and preferences of the individual.

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