5 Signs God Is Protecting You From a Bad Relationship

If you’re currently in a relationship and it feels like something’s missing or something isn’t right, and you can’t seem to place a finger on what that is, then probably God is trying to talk to you about your relationship.

God is good and loves you so much that he doesn’t want any harm to come to you. Not spiritual, physical, or emotional.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 that God has only good thoughts for you so that you can reach an unexpected end.

If God loves you so much, then you know that he will do everything he can to keep you out of danger, whenever it’s lurking or once you are about to get into one. And he does this by giving you SIGNS.

God is a supernatural being that can’t come down to hold your hands and drag you away from fire. He has plans put in place to make sure he’s children are safe.

These Signs could be anything. They could be your intuition from the Holy Spirit, friends, family or partner.

I urge you to read this article to the end so that you never miss out on these subtle signs God is showing you to end your bad relationship.

Whether you are in a relationship already or planning to be in one, the truth is that you would see these signs in every unpleasant relationship.

What Is a Bad Relationship?

A bad relationship can mean a lot to different people. But in the summary of all, a bad relationship will always be toxic to you rather than making you feel good and better about yourself.

If you are a Christian, a bad relationship would drive you further apart and disconnected from God.

God doesn’t want you going through all this toxicity in life, so he gets into action and starts giving you a sign.

In this article, we’ll be giving you five signs you must watch out for In a relationship or before going into one that tells you that God is trying to protect you.

Sometimes, these signs might be subtle that you miss them and then get into trouble later on in life, so be careful.

Signs That God Is Protecting You From Bad Relationship

Before we go into these signs, you need to understand that if you want to get these signs at all, then you must be aligned with God to hear from you.

The Bible says in Mathew 6:3 to seek God first, and every other thing will follow. Being connected with God on a spiritual level gives you the leverage to hear and see these signs from God.

Seeking God first is crucial because the scripture in Isaiah 46:10 says God knows the end from the beginning. He knows every human being’s heart and intentions, qualifying him as the best source of protection for you.

Below are the lists of signs God will give to you when he wants to spare you from an unpleasant or toxic relationship.

  1. Red Flags
  2. Talk About Their Ex
  3. Wrong Treatment
  4. Your Partner Encourages You To Sin
  5. It’s Hard to Get Into a Relationship

Red Flags

Have you ever been in a new relationship for about two weeks, and you begin noticing that your partner is acting very different than he used to before the commitment.

These red flags could be any negative thing at all. They might stop doing things they used to do when they were in the “getting to know each other” stage.

It is often a big sign God uses to tell you that you’re treading on the wrong path and you need to leave before it’s too late or gets out of hand.

The biggest mistake people make is sticking with a person with a very unfavourable character and thinking they can change their personality.

If you have this same thought, you need to understand you can’t change a person by sticking to and tolerating their excesses. Only God can perform such audits.

And if this person drastically changed just a few weeks into your relationship. It means that they’ve been hiding their true nature all this while to get through to you. And when they finally get to you, they bring out the authentic person in them.

It is no coincidence or just ‘something that happens. God is trying to protect you from this mischievous person by bringing the truth into the light as early as possible.

Red flags are one of those big and bright signs many people will never identify. If this is happening in your relationship already, then you might want to think twice and step out of that relationship immediately.

Doing nothing about these red flags would lead to a more unpleasant experience in your relationship.

Talk About Their Ex

If you find your partner always talking about their ex, whether it’s about their good or bad behaviour, it’s a sign from God.

You would observe they always bring up their ex in almost every conversation. There are chances they might still be connected or bonded with their ex in some sought of way.

After all, they’ve spent more time with their ex with various experiences. So, there might still be emotionally entangled or bonded with their ex.

And if this is true, they’re not the kind of person you want to spend your whole life with or the kind of person God wants you to spend your life with forever.

The truth is that this person is stuck in the past and not ready to move on. If they are not prepared to move on, with their eyes on the present (you) and forget their past (ex), then both of you will not have one big happy family someday.

It is a sign from God that you shouldn’t be with this person. But if you refuse to comply, then there might be even more complications like:

  • Comparison with their ex
  • Unconsciously talks about their ex
  • Jealousy
  • Conflicts and Confusion arise.
  • Your partner might even end up cheating on you.
  • You Get Treated Unfairly

Even God doesn’t have to tell you that this is a sign!

Wrong Treatment

If you are not getting treated the way you deserve in a relationship by your partner, then you’re in the wrong one.

As we mentioned earlier, a bad relationship is toxic to you and doesn’t make you feel good.

If you’re being maltreated or ignored by your partner, there are usually two sides to this.

It’s either your partner doesn’t know that what they might be doing doesn’t sit well with you.

And how do you know this?

By communicating!

Tell your partner that these things they do, make you feel sad or bad. You would appreciate it if they stopped.

No Commitment for Change

If after you’ve constantly communicated with them about one issue or the other and they still don’t seem to care or change their attitude towards you. Then the truth is there is no genuine love in your relationship.

If this is true about your relationship, it might be God telling you to abandon your relationship and save you from unnecessary emotional traumas.

And remember, sticking and tolerating this person’s excesses with the hope that love would make a difference.

Your Partner Encourages You To Sin

A sinful nature is one big sign that God’s constantly yelling at many Christians in a relationship.

If you notice that you’re comfortable with sin, then you need to run and never look back.

It might feel like you’re so in love with this person because of their behaviour.

All these are Good, but if you’re not just concerned about your relationship with them but also with God, then you have to pick up the trash bag and throw this person away if they make you sin.

You don’t want to forfeit eternity for a few years of sin and pleasure.

Walk out of your relationship when you find yourself smoking, fornicating, lying, cheating, or committing adultery.

God’s not just protecting you from this person but also guarding you against his wrath and the rewards of sin.

The reward of sin is death. The more you continue in that relationship, the more you die spiritually. Yes, you will get fulfilment for your flesh as your soul and spirit wear off.

It’s Hard to Get Into a Relationship

Have you ever felt like you’re invisible to Men or Women? Or do you have these Invisible ugly face that scares people away from you?

Many people will see this as a disappointment. God might be protecting you from a bad relationship.

And you might be asking how God can protect you from a bad relationship when I haven’t even been in one?

He knows the end from the beginning as the creator of the earth. If he’s saying ‘no’ to you, there’s a huge reason behind that.

It’s never God’s intention that you should suffer, so trust him when he’s leading you. You never know if the relationship you want to go in might cause you loss or agony.

If God says no to you, there’s a reason for that, so believe in him in your decision-making processes.


Always seek the face and voice of the Lord through prayers before going into a relationship.

When God takes people away from your life, it’s for a good reason. It is to make space for the best to come, so don’t get sad when people leave. That’s how it should be.

As I mentioned earlier, God won’t come down from heaven to protect you from toxic people.

He will give you a hint if you find yourself in an unpleasant relationship.

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